I GREW UP in the Washington DC area in the free-spirited 70’s, as a tomboy little girl with long red hair, wearing a jeans jacket, riding a skateboard and climbing trees (I even worked all summer on chores to save up and buy a bicentennial red-white-blue ten speed in 1976!) In High School, I started going to hear bands at DC’s 930 Club. In College, I hosted a radio show on Guilford’s WQFS. My show was on Friday nights, formatted with an hour of blues and an hour of alternative music. I used to wear vintage sixties dresses back then. Then moved on to big hoop earrings and black mini-skirts with cropped sweaters on my junior semester abroad in London. There, I studied, art, architecture and theatre. And I travelled all over the UK.

THIS LED TO my life-long love of flying to far off places to discover new food, textiles, architecture, art. Next, in my early 20’s I road tripped down the West Coast with NC friends in a Westfalia van, starting in Seattle and ending in San Francisco. Back in DC, I knew I had to return! — A love of rock climbing and grunge music led liberal me from DC to my first apartment on ironically Republican Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle in the kick-back early 90’s. Ten years of climbing, long-distance backpacking, sea kayaking adventures and mountain biking took me on road trips all over the PNW. I had favorite places to visit at certain times of the year. Still do.

THE ROAD TRIPS GREW BIGGER! Found myself climbing in the Tetons, backpacking in the Wind River Range, explored the Sierras then climbing Mt Whitney. I spent two years living on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Learned to fly fish. Explored the Brooks Range, far above the Arctic Circle. Drove the Alcan up and back. On my return, I expanded my career in to the world of Fashion. I’ve always enjoyed clothes as a form of self expression- still do. Designed a large home landscaping project at my modern Northwest Cedar home in Normandy Park. Passionately love gardening. Growing my own food. Cooking. Eating. Flew to Italy (5 years ago) and ate my way around the Amalfi Coast, Rome and Florence. Ah, Risotto I love You!

3 YEARS AGO, I embarked on a (6) week exploration of France and Spain. On the Agenda: Food + Art. Start in Barcelona with Miro > then Picasso in Madrid > Rioja for wine > San Sebastian for tapas > Tolouse for cassoulet > Bordeaux, more red wine, this time French > ending with a week in Paris and my last day was spent at a 3 hour meal in a Michelin 3 star restaurant, Arpége in fancy Aggrandisement 7. All along the way I was exposed to highly influential painters and landmark photography— art I didn’t see at the Smithsonian growing up in DC.

2 YEARS AGO, I studied making Art myself both in Seattle and abroad, each month exploring a new place outside the PNW all the while taking in regional newness for jewelry ideas, paint colors, home design, boutiques, different nature settings, regional food. With a moon sign in Cancer, I also try to soak at a Spa or swim whenever a trip allows. See my April 2019 Journal entry reflecting on this latest Sabbatical for more beta. Flash forward to mid-2018- I lived in the Santa Fe area continuing my studies of abstract painting and jewelry design. Road tripped to Taos for Turquoise and to Tucson for all sorts of other gemstones. Last August (2018), I sketched out 35 ideas for earring prototypes while on an intensive study of jewelry design at the renowned Haystack School of Arts + Crafts on Deer Isle in Maine. Currently living on Capitol Hill, these concepts and more are coming to life. Paintings too. Big one’s 4X4 as in feet!

I NEVER KNOW what I’m going to paint until I sit down and start. Even then, it’s an unpredictable and an highly intuitive process. Art easily merges with my spiritual practice to explore deeper places of emotion beyond the busy thinking mind… I took my first Yoga class in 1997 as a stressed out graphic designer. There was only one studio in SEA, Iyengar, at that time. The belts and blocks intimidated me. Thankfully, the UW Experimental College had beginner yoga. A retired school teacher, VJ, taught in a local high school gym. No Lululemon back then. Once graduated, he invited students to study with others at his home in Ravenna. Dharma talks and green tea with community were enjoyed afterwards— We discussed Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras which blew my young Western mind. I was hooked. Twenty years later, I’m still practicing, and I have a meditation practice. I recently joined the Insight Meditation Society. This concept is called Sangha.